ALUKAP®-XR: 45mm Glazing Bars

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Alukap®-XR 45mm Glazing Bars are a world-renown glazing systems designed to secure glass or multiwall polycarbonate to hardwood, steel, or any other substructure. One end cap is supplied with each bar.

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Aluminium Glazing Bars

Suitable For Fixing Glass, Acrylic, Axgard, Multiwall Polycarbonate.

Once you have added your product to the shopping cart you can add multiples of the same size there. You can have any of the glazing bars in a RAL colour of your choice, please get in touch for details. Your order will be delivered to your address carefully packaged to avoid damage. Please see the range of roofing sheets we have available.

The Alukap®-XR 45mm Glazing Bar System is world leading with its all-aluminium full cover cap system, which eliminates the need for any unsightly plastic caps or connectors. The high quality multi-fin gasket systems combined with the variable pressure fixing screws supplied with the system allows glazing from zero degrees pitch to vertical glazing designs.The robust aluminium base bar and cover cap are ideal for securing glass or Axiome® multiwall to hardwood, steel, or any other substructure.

Alukap®-XR 45mm Glazing Bar System provides excellent aesthetics and naturally aligns to structures with 45mm rafters, although it can be used for rafters of any thickness. The 45mm Alukap®-XR system also comes with Wall Bars and Gable Bars to suit any terminating rafter scenario.

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